Sunday, October 09, 2011

Synthon Barcelona

I visited Synthon's Barcelona facility this week. It is a very interesting site; it has state of the art manufacturing and packaging as well as great research facilities.

Bosnia & Srebrenica

The project I am working on in Bosnia continues. This time we met with several interesting people including George from Holland who served as a peace keeping soldier in Srebrenica in 1994, Hasan Hasanovic, the creator at the Potocari memorial centre and Hasan Nuhanovic who is suing the Dutch forces from the period they worked as peace keepers in the area around Srebrenica. Students from Webster University in Geneva came along on this trip. 

Visiting the Department of Genocide at 
the University of Sarajevo.
Aladin giving us a guided tour of Sarajevo. 

Hasan Nuhanovic talking about his experience during the 
July 1995 genocide in Srebrenica. 

Visiting the Body Identification Centre in Tuzla.

Visiting the primary school in Srebrenica. Interestingly enough, 
this painting from 1987 of the town shows the orthodox church 
but fails to show the two (2) mosques. Not sure why.
Conversation with Hasan Hasanovic,
Curator at the Potocari Memorial Center.
The memorial cemetery in Potocari. 
It is always special to see the time of death 
being the same everywhere.. July 1995.

We invited some of the surviving women from the organisation 
"mothers of Srebrenica" for lunch.

We visited the former Head Quarters of 
the Dutch Bat in Potocari. 

George Pfrommer served as a peace keeping UN soldier for the
 Dutch Bat in 1994. The graffiti displaying the Harley Davidson
 logo was made by his friend.