Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Srebrenica June 2012

Next month is July. Last year I took part in the Mars mira- the 110 km Peace March between Tuzla and Srebrenica that marks the anniversary of the Genocide that took place in 1995. On July 11th there will be the burying of the dead at  the Potocari memorial ground after lots of people would have done the long peace march. I shall be there to cover the event and will be meeting many of the people involved. This is a moving and deeply emotional time. Last week I went to visit some of the people involved, including Hasan Hasanovic who survived July 1995 and Advija Krdzic who had her own father identified at the Body Identification Center in Tuzla and will burry him in Potocari this July 11th.

Hasan Hasanovic
Advija Krdzic
A dog in Srebrenica

Monday, June 18, 2012

Appellate Body welcomes new member

Mr Shotaro Oshima from Japan was retiring while Mr Seung Wha Chang of the Republic of Korea was sworn-in on 13 June 2012 as a member of the Appellate Body at the WTO. It was a great event to photograph, as always!

Mr Oshima gives his farewell speech and praises the new member, Mr Chang,
of the Appellate Body at the World Trade Organization.