Sunday, October 28, 2012

Net' Leman, Cleaning Lake Geneva September 2012

The organisation Net'Leman did their "cleaning of the lake" project this September which means they gather families, children and anyone else wanting to to their bit to help keeping a clean Lake Geneva. I got the chance to join them in Bellevue, an area of Geneva. These people did a great job!

Father helping son
Divers came to help as volunteers
Volunteering kids came from the local community
Plenty of TV's were found...
Boats from local boating clubs helped out.
Not sure who lost a mattress...!

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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Bosnia Student trip October 2012

Webster University in Geneva has been involved with Bosnia and specifically Srebrenica over the past few years. This year we brought 16 students from different departments to come and see and learn about the genocide that took place in July 1995.

Hasan Nuhanovic explains how he worked as a translator for the Dutch UN forces and lost his father and brother during the genocide.

This woman lost her son, shown in her photograph, during the genocide.

Students visited the ICMP, body identification centre in Tuzla.

The ICMP, body identification centre in Tuzla. Some new bodies had just been found.

Debo photographing.

Students visiting the primary school in Potocari.

It was election weekend while we visited.

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

The city Zoo in Bamako, Mali, supported by the Aga Khan Development Network

Bamako is a busy city with a population of almost 2 million. The political situation is difficult. 

Biker in Bamako
But just outside of the downtown area, you have the Mali national park which is like an oasis in the city. People come to relax, to picnic, to do sports and, soon, they will be able to visit the newly fixed up zoo as well.

I spent a few days in Bamako and photographed what is an amazing zoo.. This city zoo was run down and falling apart. The animals lived in poor conditions. The AKDN has funded a full redevelopment of the zoo as well as of the surrounding city park. The zoo has got top standards and looks after the animals in the best possible way. It also offers a great educational function for the population in this region.

This young boy shows off the insects he has found.

Mali national zoo

There is a 3 year old elephant at the zoo. Unfortunately she had a tough start to her life but is now getting the best attention and care he can in this zoo, given the circumstances. 

The elephant and staff clearly had a great bond
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