Friday, May 30, 2014

John at home, in the evening.

The days are long running Landmark Tea Room. And, it is a 7 day a week job, morning to night. Earlier, I showed you his "greeting committee, his dog Libbie! His girlfriend, Jane Ingabire, will also greet him. It is about 10 minutes walk between the tea room and John's house. The TV will run and John will contemplate about how to expand Landmark...!
John and Jane Ingabire at home watching TV
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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Révérien Rurangwa, Switzerland, 2014

The other day, I got the chance to meet up with Révérien at his place in Switzerland. He has lived here for a long time and has a Swiss passport. He tells me that, his place, his home, is here, in Switzerland. Not so strange maybe. On April 20th 1994, 43 members of his closest family was brutally murdered in the Rwandan genocide. Just luck, perhaps, saved him from dying. More to come on his story. And, you can read his entire story in his book that he published in 2006. It is available in French, English, Polish and Swedish.
Réverien Rurangwa, Switzerland, 2014
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Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Broken Windows

Marie-Jeanne has a problem with some of the people in her neighbourhood. Several times has she been burgled in her modest small house. She has health problems. Here she shows how she is strengthening her windows. In 1994, she was maried to a Hutu man. He wanted to kill her as well as their children as  they were not "pure". As Marie-Jeanne did not divorce oficially right away, she can not claim compensation which again means that she is living in very basic conditions. No electricity, dirt floor, two rooms...and that is it. She lives with her young twin daughters.
Marie-Jeanne lives with her two twin daughters.
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Friday, May 02, 2014

Workshop August 2014: Photo Expedition to Bhutan!

Isolated in the Himalayas for centuries and untouched by mass tourism, Bhutan is a hidden gem for photographers. 
"Set out into the kingdom of Bhutan to shoot images of its welcoming people, exquisite temples, timeless farming villages, and the towering Himalaya. Capture scenes from a lively market or crimson-robed monks against a backdrop of whitewashed dzongs. Capture the spirit of happiness in the smile of kids, in an archery game and the celebration of ancient ceremonies. Practice your photographic skills while learning about Gross National Happiness and discovering this breathtaking country"

On this workshop I will be travelling with Alvaro Moreno, an expert on tourism and sustainable travels... He spent a year working for the tourist authorities in Bhutan and knows the place better then most.. In addition, there will be a local English speaking guide who will help us navigate through some of the major sites worth photographing!
Bhutan- Workshop 11-21 August 2014
Practical info: Dates August 12-21 2014 (including travel time 1 week in Bhutan).
Price 2,445 Euros ( includes hotels, meals in Bhutan, English speaking guide, all road transport, all activities and visits, poverty alleviation fee as well as visa.
Group size 5-8. Flights are extra (economy flights would cost around 1.200 euro in addition if travelling from Switzerland). We will be able to help with organising all flights. Should you want too spend more time in Bhutan in addition to the workshop time, we can organise that too.

Deadline to register: June 20th 2014 on