Refugees- Switzerland.

Over the previous months, I have been spending time with the local centre for refugees near the campus of Webster University in Geneva. I teach photography there. My students are generally speaking really good and they also run WHA (Webster Humanitarian Association). They have, with Webster University, been collaborating with the local authorities and have run several activities with the refugees. In addition, I have been stopping by and had breakfast with the refugees, basically, just getting to know them. Needless to say, listening to their stories have been interesting..  I look forward to continue this collaboration in the new year. Also, thanks to Ayesha Ather for helping a lot and for setting up the Instagram account featuring stories. The images here will be changing...this is work in progress; getting to know our neighbours. Please share, please stay in touch.
Ayesha Ather talking to Jamshid Nabizada
Mobile phone charging station
Football game
Catching up on news with Prince Ali
Jamshid and Christopher
Jamshid talking with Ayesha
Music break
Morning cleaning
Heating the morning milk

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