Sunday, May 29, 2016

Marked, Erbil, Kurdistan, Iraq

Marked, Erbil, Kurdistan, Iraq
Nice visit at the marked in Erbil, Iraq. 
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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Bed for Janvier- latest update.

Here is a little update on our project on getting a new bed for Janvier. As many know, we succeeded in raising money for a specialised bed/ hospital bed for Janvier. She is paralysed from her neck and down as result of injuries from the genocide in 1994 and has no way of getting out of her current bed. As I am based in Switzerland and she lives in Rwanda, there are certain logistical challenges in order to make this happen. However, many of the challenges has been delt with and we are now looking for getting the best/ right solution amongst 3 or 4 choices. After that, we will order the bed, transport it and make a visit in order to document how this has helped Janvier. We will also be supporting a few additional initiatives in the neighbourhood where Janvier lives. The timeline has been pushed a little. We wanted to do it this year, but its will now likely be completed by the very end of this or in the beginning of next year. The people who have been helping me in Rwanda as well as my own work schedule makes it hard to complete during 2016- but- February 2017 the current deadline set for us! Watch this space for future updates.
The TV in the room of Janvier.
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