Thursday, September 22, 2016

The Khanke camp, near Dohuk in Kurdistan/ northern Iraq.

Hajji Mirza is from Tel Azar. Now, he and his family live under a tent in Khanke camp, near Dohuk in northern Iraq. He is one among 2’908 families, or 16’611 people. “For 20 years I worked as construction worker in Tikrit. For 15 years I did the same in Kurdistan. We did not ask for government positions, we did not protest, all what we want is to continue our way of life. In spite of all that they keep killing us.”
Hajji Mirza is from Tel Azar. Now, he and his family live under a tent in Khanke camp, near Dohuk in northern Iraq.
Children stop to buy something in the shop of Hajji Mirza inside the Khanke Camp,
near Dohuk in the Northern Kurdistan Iraq.
Work is ongoing at the Camp Khanki, near Duhok, northern Iraq. The camp is large with 3120 tents. 2908 families and 16611 people.

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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The safe corridor that saved thousands of Yazidi's from the Mount Sinjar in Augsut 2014.

Sinjar fell on August 3rd 2014. Thousands were trapped on top of Mount Sinjar. Mahmoud, a former peshmerga soldier, helped with the 'coridor' that helped liberating many Yazidi people from the Sinjar mountain between 9th and 11th of August 2014. People could then walk into Syria and then later back in to northern Iraq on the north side of Mount Sinjar. The "corridor" was established from the mountain enabled 10,000 people to evacuate on the first day. Mahmod now works for Yazda, an NGO working on helping the Yazidi population in Northern Kurdistan Iraq. He is based in their office in Dogure, a village at the foot of Mount Sinjar.
Mahmoud, former peshmerga soldier,  now works with the NGO Yassda at their office in Dogure village at the foot of Mount Sinjar.
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Thursday, September 15, 2016

The fire, near Chamchamal/ Kirkuk, continuous to burn.

Around a year ago, an attempt to find water caused this strange phenomena. While drilling for water, one man lit a cigarette and the water source caught fire. It has continued to burn since. Chamchamal Kirkuk, Iraq.
The location of the fire is close to the motorway.
It is located in a very dry area
It is a spectacular sight to see fire and water coming from the same source... 
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