Friday, July 19, 2013

Kravitca executions

If you visit Srebrenica and want to understand what happened there during the very fatal week of July 1995, then have a look at the left, a few kilometres before you arrive in Bratunac and turn left towards Potocari and Srebrenica. You will see the warehouses of Kravitca. The details of what happened there can be read in this wikipidia link.  The short version is that roughly 1000 men and boys was locked in for two days. After the two days, soldiers working for Ratko Mladić threw hand grenades as well as using other weapons at their prisoners and killed all but 3 people. The 3 people pretended to be dead and waited until dark before managing to escape. Today, local farmers uses the warehouses to store equipment and hay for their animals, as seen in the top photograph. It appears surreal given the amount of bullet and shell marks that are still present on the buildings.
The facade of the warehouse with goats eating grass just in front
Interior of the warehouse
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