Thursday, October 10, 2013

Creative Workshops with Bambi @ Flux Laboratory

Bambi foundation helps vulnerable children in Colombia. 

"We offer them an environment of safety, affection and basic care in order to ensure their present and future well-being" - Bambi

Flux Laboratory is an amazing space in Geneva dedicated to art... Have a look at their website for inspiration!

On Tuesday, a group of students between 15-18 years old came to Flux to explore ideas on creating a project that could benefit Bambi. They were helped by a professional Architect, Designer, Marketing people as well as staff from Bambi. The setting was fantastic as it was hosted in the studios at Flux!
Group workshops 
Designs to illustrate a "flashmob" event
Students getting advice
Flux creating an inspirational work place
Drawing ideas, inspired by art on the walls...
Ideas written down, presentations almost ready.

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