Sunday, September 07, 2014

Visa pour l'image - Perpignan 2014

"Visa pour l'image Perpignan 2014" is over for this year. It is a photojournalism festival that takes place every year in Perpignan in the south of France, near Spain. There were great exhibitions, slide shows in the evenings and possibilities too meet with other photographers and agents- very inspiring!
This year, there were even images posted as large posters on walls as well as houses around the small little old town that makes Perpignan such a charming place. There is still time to see the exhibitions though- the "professional week" is over- but next week is the "educational week". It means the week is dedicated to show the work to schools and students. If you have the chance, it is worth the visit!
Photographs were posted on the wall around the entire town of Perpignan for this years Visa pour l'image
The evening projections are the highlights of the day during the first week of VISA. Prizes and awards are presented here.
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