Thursday, November 13, 2014

Dr. Fatima Klempic- Doutbasic

Fatima was 26 years old in July 1995. She had two and a half years earlier graduated from University as a medical doctor. She was pleased she could work at the hospital in Srebrenica as it had earned a very good reputation. In in 1995 things had dramatically changed and she ended up being a very young doctor working in extremely difficult situations with almost no equipment. The worst wartime situation in Europe since the second world war was happening outside the hospital and they were only a hand full of doctors working. When the genocide really started, Fatima as well as the other medical staff decide to walk with around 10000 others to Tuzla, 120 km away in order to reach the other "safe area". Fatima was one of only a handful of women to walk and to survive. Today, she works a gynaecologist and deliver babies at the University Hospital in Tuzla. She feels blessed that she can now bring life to the world, rather then work with death... She is married and has two children.
Fatima Klempic- Doutbasic at work at the Hospital in Tuzla.
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