Sunday, November 01, 2015

"Open Wounds: A Century of Crimes against Humanity"- Webster University- Geneva- Monday, November the 9th. at 18:00

Join me at Webster University on Monday November 9th at 18:00. I will be presenting "Life After Genocide" is a photographic reportage series based on the life of some people who survived the genocide in Bosnia and Rwanda. This is part of Webster's Centennial Speaker Series. I will share some of the individual stories he collected first hand from survivors of the massacres of Srebrenica in Bosnia and against the Tutsi in Rwanda. More info here.

There will also be two photographs that will be auctioned in order to raise funds to help a young women as well as others who needs it in the Kibungo area of Rwanda. The Webster Humanitarian Association (a registered non-governmental organization) and Ibuka Suisse (Rwanda survivor organisation) in Rwanda are facilitating this fundraising effort. Please register for the event on this link!
Potocari July 9th 2012. 520 coffins are being carried into the old car battery factory/ UN Dutch Bat HQ near Srebrenica.
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