Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Bed for Janvier... I need your help...for 100 days!

Hello everybody,

I need your help.

Late last year, I was on my way to Rwanda around this time of the year. I visited with my friend Révérien Rurwanga and we visited his village, Mugina- where he witnessed the murder of his entire family. 43 people were killed in front of him. He was 15 years old.

Still. He considers himself lucky. He can work, he can drive, travel, go outside (He lost an eye and an arm...). Janvier, whom he met at the Red Cross field hospital was less lucky. She was thrown into a pit and got paralysed from neck and down. She was 11 years old. The result is that she has been in bed for the past 21 years, without the possibility to go outside. She lives in Kibungo in Rwanda which is near the boarder to Tanzania. It is also where there is a Chinese hospital located.

I bet we can go together and get enough money to buy a specialised bed for Janvier. She really deserves it. It will help her come out a bit and see sunlight sometimes. I therefor encourage everyone to help out! Whatever money we hopefully have leftover will be used to help the community through Ibuka Suisse, the Rwandan survivor organisation. The Genocide in Rwanda lasted 100 days, click on the link for this 100-days fund raising campaign!
Janvier in bed at home with Révéerien.

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