Saturday, August 23, 2014

Bhutan: the Dochu La pass

If you ever visit Bhutan, you will soon realise that the temples, the places people visit in order to stay connected, reflect and feel part of the society within this Buddhist country are all very much important to the people of the kingdom. While driving on "Highway 1" (I will describe the road on a later post...) from Thimphu to Punakha, it makes sense to stop at the Dochu La Pass, a monument designed for peace of 108 Chortens. You can, on a good day, have a wonderful view of the Himalayas from this spot. From my photo, you can see that there were no chance of seeing any mountains on my visit last week! You do see our driving checking our suitcases though...
Fogg is something fairly common should you visit the Dochu La Pass, particularly during the rainy season.
Some Indian workers passes the 108 Chortens on "Highway 1"
"Highway 1" is being worked on constantly. The distance between Paro and Thimphu is pretty good. Further east still needs plenty of work. It gets difficult when you meet larger vehicles on what is essentially a one lane road.
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