Sunday, August 10, 2014

Srebrenica: July 11th burial.

On July 11th. the official burial of the dead takes place at the Potocari Memorial ground. You can read about this in earlier entries on this blog. This time I spent time with the families who themselves were digging and preparing the graves for their loved ones who were killed in the Srebrenica genocide. After prayers and speeches, the burial itself is done with the help from family and friends. The graves are prepared and everybody helps in order to make sure the burial happens in a respectful way.
After the rain, it was necessary to dig more in order to prepare the grave for the burial.
Friends and family helps to cary the casket to its resting place.
It is a delicate job to bury the caskets during the ceremonial burial. This year 175 bodies were layer to rest.
Old and young helps, the actual burial takes only around an hour to finish.

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