Saturday, February 20, 2016

100 days campaign.

Dear everybody,

we are reaching the last month of my 100 days campaign on raising funds for Janvier and her new bed as well as the community of people who needs a little help in Rwanda. Here is the update:

We have now almost made our goal of CHF 5000- I am absolutely certain we will make it! Several people have recently donated to this project. Last week, a donation of CHF 2000 and one of CHF 500 was made. Absolutely amazing- but just as important, several other donations of CHF 20 and CHF 50 were given. Every one of those donations will be used carefully in order to reach as many as possible.

The deal is this: The first goal is to help Janvier get a new bed or whatever tis the most appropriate for her so that she will be able to be a little bit more mobile and have the chance to come out more often.  This will obviously improve her life quality a little (We have received several offers from companies producing this type of equipment). Second goal is to contribute with medications for survivors in the region. I will be returning to Rwanda in order to make a report on the changes that were made- the reports will be posted here.

Again, thanks for everybody who has contributed so far and has shared the link amongst their friends!
Children working in the field and greeting us. 
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