Monday, July 25, 2016

Marit Strømøy, A professional F1 powerboat racing driver from Norway.

It is always fun to catch up with old friends. And, particularly when they are someone like a professional power boat driver! Marit Strømøy was racing in Evian, France last weekend in the F1h2o. She won the last race of the last season and is one of the favourites as well as the only female pilot. She came 6th which is excellent for the conditions in Evian- next race is in Portugal- lets hope for even better results there! She was also in France where her watch, made by B.R.M. was launched. B.R.M. is partnering with F1h2o.
Marit Strømøy in Evian for the F1 race as well as the launch of her new watch from B.R.M.!
It was a beautiful day in Evian for the F1h2o race last weekend. 

Marit and her husband Andrea Colombo (R) after the race.
Marit Strømøy in Evian for the F1 race.
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