Sunday, July 10, 2016

Mars Mira- Arriving in Potocari.

On July 11th 2014, there were 175 victims of the 1995 genocide  that were laid to rest.
The caskets are being placed for in the warehouse in Potocari, the day before the "burial of the dead".
They are then carried out, across the street in order to be given the last resting place at the
Potocari Memorial cemetery.
In 2011, 617 people were laid to rest. There are still around 1000 victims that have yet to be identified and
buried at the Potocari Memorial cemetery.
On the last day of the Mars Mira-Peace March between Tuzla and Srebrenica, the walkers arrives in Potocari, just a few kilometres from Srebrenica. This is where the Potocari Memorial Cemetery is and this is where the UN Head Office was located during the war. The "Burial of the Dead" Ceremony takes place on July 11th, the day when Srebrenica fell in 1995.

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